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Behold the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

If you've been keeping up with our blog as of late, you've probably noticed that we have no shortage of new cars to look forward to here at Markel BMW. Needless to say, this year is shaping up to be one for the record books.

See the BMW M5 Unleashed

A car with as much power - and luxury to boot - as the new 2014 BMW M5 might seem like it needs to be held back, but we here at our Omaha, NE dealership promise you it doesn't. Take a look at this commercial that shows the M5 wanting to get out and going.

It really makes no sense to show off the M5 anywhere else beside the road. When you're in the driver…

New Video Shows 2015 BMW X4 in Action

At the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, the BMW brand brought along their compact crossover X4 Concept. When the model was first unveiled, it was unconfirmed if it would make it to production or now. However, the Bavarian automaker later announced it that it would be joining the new BMW lineup later this year, and production commenced at the brand's Spartanburg South Carolina plant. Now, the X4 is scheduled to debut at the?

BMW i3 is a Stealth Dating Machine

The BMW i3. It's stylish. It runs without a drop of gas. And also, it's a super stealth ninja dating machine, according to a new spot put out by our preferred automaker.

BMW Explains the Complex i8 through Web Series

If you've been keeping up with the most recent BMW news here on our blog, you've noticed that we've discussed the all-electric i3 extensively. However, this isn't to say that we've forgot about the sporty i8 plug-in hybrid. In fact, we are extremely excited for this unique model to join the new BMW lineup in our Omaha, NE showroom this summer.

To build up the release of the i8 as…

Get the Story Behind the BMW Bobsled

When you sit inside a new BMW, rev the engine, and get it out on the road here in Omaha, NE, it quickly becomes clear that this automotive outfit knows a thing or two about performance. Recently, the engineering team brought their expertise to a different sector, designing and building the sled for the US Olympic Bobsled team.

Amazingly, even without the use of an engine, BMW managed to build a smarter, faster sled.

BMW i3 Speeds through First Hot Lap

As a BMW dealer serving Bellevue, discussing the merits of our choice Bavarian brand's luxury cars is unequivocally exciting. Of course, seeming them in action is even more so:

There's a New BMW Diesel in the Bellevue Area

At Markel BMW, we understand that the diesel models of yesteryear may have left a bad taste in your mouth. They likely left a stench lingering in your nostrils as well. We were there, too, and we get it. That being said, BMW engineers have had quite a few years to perfect the technology and we're confident that you'll be impressed with what they've come up with.

If you think that ad?

Automotive Bloggers Take BMW i3 Out for a Spin

When a new car is announced, we're sometimes jealous of the folks that get a chance to drive it before we do. Such is the case with the new all-electric BMW i3, which won't hit our Omaha, NE showroom until next spring.

BMW Announces 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show Lineup

For those of you out there who aren't yet award, November brings with it one of the biggest automotive events of the season. Of course we are talking about the Los Angeles Auto Show. Just on the heels of SEMA, and coinciding with the Tokyo Motor Show; the L.A. Auto Show promises to bring with it some many of the much-anticipated cars that we have been hearing about all year.