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    The i3: The Future, Today

    With the Consumer Electronics Show over, we can take time to reflect on some of the things it gave us. Lots of automakers were out showing off their cars of the future, but the problem is these cars aren't available yet. Unlike BMW's car of the future.

    The BMW i3 is an electric car that has a futuristic look and some innovative technology capable of great things. The best part about BMW's…

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    BMW M5 is a Unique Combination of Raw Power and Premium Luxury

    The premium sedan segment is certainly a competitive one, filled with models that are luxurious or super-performance oriented. But one model that uniquely offers the best of both of those attributes is the BMW M5. See it in impressive action, below.

    So as you have seen, this model is as high-performing as any on the market. But where it really sets itself apart from the competition is with its incredibly high end interior; highlighted by…

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    BMW i8 Literally Screams Art

    They say that artistic expression is just a different way of screaming. If that's true, then the BMW i8 literally screams style and power. With a hybrid electric powertrain under the hood, it emits a throaty growl that speaks to its potency. When it comes to its exterior looks, however, it's got a dynamic look that can only be truly explored through motion or performance art.

    That's where the BMW films division…

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    All-Electric BMW i3 Honored with Green Car of the Year Award

    With so many incredible models to choose from offered by our favorite Bavarian automaker, there's no surprise that they also offer a handsome and powerful all-electric vehicle as well. The BMW i3 is popular all over the country and has recently earned itself the 2015 Green Car of the Year award at the L.A. Auto Show. Chosen not just for its efficiency but also for how widely available it is, we're incredibly…

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    BMW Introduces Conceptual, Plug-In Hybrid X5 Version in New Video

    Already touted as one of the most versatile, stylish, and luxuriously capable SAV models on the market today, it is no easy task improving the BMW X5. But one way to improve the model that is being considered by our automaker, is to offer a plug-in, hybrid version of it. Let's have a look at what they?ve come up with.

    An X5 capable of zero-emissions driving? Just tell us where to sign up…

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    The BMW 507 Boat is Better Than Ever!

    A BMW boat? Indeed, this isn't a dream, and we have the video to prove it. Felipe Garcia found an old and unsightly BMW 507 boat and set out to restore it to its former glory. The end result is amazing, and makes us wish we could ride a boat into work every day. Check out the video below.

    For the rest of us, we will have to make due driving a car to…

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    BMW X6 Debuts at Paris Motor Show

    Keeping up with the Paris Motor Show is a feat not perfectly attainable. With so  many world premieres and debuts, how do you keep up with what's important? We'll tell you, ecause at Markel BMW, if there's something we know well, it's the BMW brand, and man, has it taken over Paris.

    Highlighting BMW at the Paris Motor Show is exciting, because the brand debuted the all-new BMW 2 Series Convertible…

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    BMW M Series Models are Upgraded for Performance

    It is no easy task improving a BMW new model, but in the M Series, that is what the automaker strives for. The M Series incorporates racing parts and experience into BMW production models, and the results are truly amazing. Let's take a look at the details.

    On M Series models, BMW takes their already excellent production vehicles and incorporates into them upgraded performance features like Active M Differential, Adaptive M Suspension, M Servotronic…

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    BMW Gives Us a Sneak Peek at the First-Ever 2 Series

    Do you crave style and performance from your vehicle? If so, you'll love riding around the Lincoln, NE area in the first-ever BMW 2 Series.  We'll get a full debut of the model at the Paris Motor Show and Los Angeles Auto Show later this year, but the BMW brand decided to treat us with a tell-all video clip, featuring the 2 Series in all of its glory. See it for yourself!


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    Fun New Video Shows the Passion BMW M Series Models Inspire

    Inspired performance can sometimes bring on passionate fandom, and in the case of BMW M Series models like the M3 Sedan, that is certainly what has happened. M Series drivers consider themselves brethren, and in a fun new video from our automaker, we meet one such passionate driver.

    The M Series span a number of different body types and models these days, from convertibles to coupes, and everything else, but all have been expertly engineered…

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