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    About Markel BMW

    About Markel BMW

    Markel: The Ultimate Automotive Campus has been in business for over 100 years and we attribute that success to the fact that we have learned to listen to our customers and the majority of our customers have stated that they do not like the gimmicks and games that most traditional dealerships play during the purchasing process.  At Markel BMW we are raising the standards as to how you should be treated during the automobile purchasing experience. 

    The Markel Difference:

    The Markel Best Price: When you arrive on our campus you will notice that each and every one of our vehicles has the Markel Best Price posted on the windshield.  This represents the lowest price that we can sell the vehicle to you for.  This price is the same for everyone because it is the true market value for the vehicle, evaluated weekly by our management team and based on actual market data provided to us by the vehicle franchises as well as third party sites.  You won't have to worry about purchasing your vehicle from Markel and then having your neighbor purchase the same car for less because he is a better negotiator.  We have pre-negotiated the price for you and give you our best price the moment you arrive at our dealership.  When you arrive at other dealerships, see if their best price is posted on the windshield of each and every vehicle.  If not, stop and ask yourself, why?

    Trade-In Vehicles: At Markel, we will separate both purchase transactions.  Both? Yes, you purchasing your new vehicle from us and us purchasing your trade-in vehicle from you.  When your trade-in vehicle is evaluated we will determine what the true market value is of your vehicle and present you with an Offer To Purchase your vehicle from you, regardless if you purchase the vehicle from us or not.  Often times, dealers provide you with what is known as a Trade Allowance.  This trade allowance is a number that the dealer assigns to your car and allows them to make it appear like you are getting a high amount for your vehicle.  Be sure that whomever you do business with is willing to separate the transactions so you know exactly what you will be purchasing the vehicle for and how much they are actually giving  you for your trade-in vehicle. 

    Client Advisor Compensation: Most sales people at traditional dealerships are paid 100% commission.  Think about whose interest they are really working in while trying to sell you a vehicle.  At Markel, our Client Advisors are paid a small commission on the sale of each vehicle but the majority of their pay is based on customer satisfaction.  So the way they treat and serve you has a drastic impact on their pay.  This allows them to truly act as a resource and a guide to make sure you find the vehicle that best fits your wants, your needs, and your budget. 

    Stop by Markel BMW today and see what the Markel Difference can do for you!